Epson Dye Sublimation Profiles


Dye Sublimation profiles for certain Epson printers.

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Dye sublimation is a mix of art, science, and voodoo. Getting the colors right can be the trickiest part. While some vendors supply profiles for their inks, others don’t. And sometimes the profiles they supply just don’t do the trick. I’m working to build a library of profiles, starting with the printers and ink that I have. Right now that’s an Epson 1430 and Epson WF7610 (although all of the WF7xxx printers can use the same profiles), both with ink from InkXPro. While theoretically there should be no difference between OS X and Windows profiles, I have not found them to be interchangeable. I have created profiles for both of those printers and both operating systems. Each profile package includes a profile for fabric and one for hard substrates, such as ceramic tiles and mugs.

I am working on the process for creating custom profiles for individual systems, and will offer that service once it is perfected.

If you have trouble installing the profiles, please feel free to contact me for assistance.