Fabric Face Mask


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You have to wear a face mask when out in public- you may as well show your pride while you’re at it! These masks have a cotton inner layer and a decorated polyester outer layer. Personally I don’t like those elastic behind the ears masks- they don’t feel secure to me. So I make them with fabric ties to go behind your head and neck. And I do make each of these by hand. I’m a stagehand, not a stitcher; so it might not be the neatest sewing you’re ever seen. But it’s sturdy! These are not in any way, shape, or form medically protective masks. They are meant more to protect the outside world from you than to protect you from the outside world. (You know that’s why they want us all to wear masks, right?)

The back and ties are random fabric, depending on what I have available. Please note that these are all custom made, so if I get a lot of orders shipping might be delayed. I’ll let you know if that’s the case. Otherwise they’ll ship within a week of ordering.